Kundalini Coach : For those in the throes of the Kundalini Awakening

This site is being created for people who need help with Kundalini awakening and find themselves out of their depth in clicking noises in their heads, twitches in their arms and legs, inability to stop levitating off the ground, demonic visitors, drums and thunder booming through their heads that only they can hear, overpowering desires for sex but not satisfied by sex...and on it goes.
These are some of the types of symptoms of the awakened Kundalini, a bolt of lightning rushing through the subtle nadis of the body and causing havok with ones' comfortable daily show of being normal and sane. It is the light of God that has awakened in you. Maybe you meditated too much, or did dramatic yoga postures, or it could be through childbirth. The transcendent event of your awakening is something like puberty only thousands of times more dramatic, disturbing and uncomfortable.

The good news is here!
You are not crazy but going SANE.

You may have been crazy before this happened, and now you have a chance to clean out the attic of your mind and heart and subtle nervous system of years of insanity. You are actually one of the chosen beings. It is all magical and wonderful once you get through the beginning phases and clear out much of the past life concepts and traumas you may have imprinted into your psyche. You can go through it without drug medications if you choose. Sometimes the drugs stop the Kundalini from clearing out your dross and drama. Unfortunately, you may never get the chance again. Do you really want to stop it?
You can get through it to the other side as not only "normal" seeming, but with the powers and abilities that might be called "supernormal." You have received the philosopher's stone, the holy grail, the fountain of youth, the secret of divine immortality. Not bad for a few uncomfortable symptoms! However, while they last they can seem to be a curse! Just remember this, all that you suffer through while living you do not have to suffer through while dying. All this craziness is cleansing your chakras and nadis to prepare you for the influx of this full Kundalini light... the divine light of God. If you do it while living, you truly become a God being here on this little planet. If you wait until you die, who knows what might happen?
Get the work done now. Bear it! If you think you cannot bear it, ask the Goddess Kundalini - who is your very SELF, to please tone it down a little. She hears. She is you. She will respond.

My name is Ruth Angela and I went through this experience of Kundalini Awakening in 1979 from Shaktipat from Swami Paramahansa Muktananda. I had no idea what had happened to me. I was one minute in agony and suffering as I was being pursued by a handsome graduate student in my classes at the University of Hawaii, yet I was a married woman of 10 years and although not happy, resigned to being a mom and wife. I was madly in love with the student, but some past life of adultery told me I could not go down that road again. Thus I was not willing to commit adultery. The stress was incredible. In desperation, I went to meditate at a Siddha Yoga Center where Muktananda's practices were taught, and in 2 hours I came out of there in utter indescribable bliss. I was able to communicate with stars, to talk to flies, and feel completely utterly, fulfilled in my own self. I then went through two years of strange experiences and profound understandings of who I am to emerge as a butterfly much wiser, happier and contented.

I also found I had the ability to "see" Kundalini inside people who were not even near me. I did it over the internet for many many people over several years when I lived in Hawaii. I could see the blocks in their Kundalini and clear it for them, just by getting their name and location and short description. Such blocks may be in an inability to sleep, or physical pain, or strange symptoms. Western medicine has no answer for these issues, although acupuncture does help them.

That was ten years ago. I am now settled in California and was encouraged to start this site to offer to you the same options. I am now preparing the site to offer you a $25 session through PayPal(R). See below. I will take a look at you remotely and let you know if I am able to see the issue. If I cannot help you, I will let you know by email as soon as I can. If I can help you, I may fix the problem, or I will give you suggestions to unblock the Kundalini. You can take the suggestions at your own risk. Either way you have expended only $25. I will also be offering you the testimony of others who have used this service and had relief from blockages in the Kundalini.

Finally, I offer some chapters of my incomplete book "Ascending Goddess: Kundalini Shakti" for your interest in the hope that it helps you understand what you have been going through. Below it are other articles on Kundalini which may be of interest.

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Ruth Angela

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