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Awakened Goddess: Kundalini at Play
A Spiritual Awakening

(These chapters are from an earlier version of the book The Hero's Path Within: Kundalini at Play which has been radically revised since this was first published. )

by Ruth Angela
copyrighted in 2008 to Ruth Angela. Please write for permission to reproduce
part or parts of this published material. Thank You.

This book is offered to all those who wish to remember their true nature. It was written as a tribute to my guru and teacher, Muktananda, at whose feet I offer these small jewels of gratitude. In the book, the name "Muktananda" ( Video of Muktananda 1970) has been removed from the text, as this name is trademarked by the Siddha Foundation. But I am confident that those who know my teacher will recognize his work in my story .
This book is copyrighted to the author Ruth Angela (c) 2009 and cannot be reproduced, copied, paraphrased, or cited without the express written consent of the author. Please contact the author at or fill out the form below.

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