The words of H.W.L. Poonja. Disciple of Ramana Maharshi and recently departed this world.

From his book "Wake up and Roar" Vol. 2 which can be ordered here.


Q: I like the emptiness you lead us into during satsang, but this can't be the end. Buddha and Osho said there was more.

A: If there is somewhere further to go, it is not ultimate. Ultimate is here. There is no road, no location, no destination. This is the ultimate truth. You don't have to travel, you don't have to come or go anywhere. Nothing ever happened. Nothing has to happen. Nothing is happening. This is the ultimate truth.

If there is any road, it must be a concept. Location and destination are concepts. Buddha is a concept. To create all this you must first create your own body. Then you create all these personalities you speak about. First the creation of your body, then the bodies of others. So where is the mind? Where does it come from? With this question everything shatters. No beings, no trouble, no bondage, no enlightenment, and no practice to win enlightenment.

If anyone speaks of bondage and ways to achieve enlightenment, I do not know anything about it. In truth there has to be no concept of any body or any being whatsoever.

When the mind arises, everything rises. The Buddha will rise, the Bodhi tree will arise, and enlightenment will arise. Find out who the Buddha is.


The mind has been cheating you for thirty-five million years, my dear children. You have been cheated. Stop this now! Look here and know who you are. Instantly you will find freedom and this suffering--hitchhiking from womb to womb--will instantly stop. The only way is to look within. Experiences have been experienced and they have not given you peace. Where ever this is no experiencer there is no experience. So disappear! Experienced, experience, experiencer-- let them all disappear right now.

You proceed toward that which is unknown by the senses. Now you have to cheat the mind itself, which has been deceiving you all these years. This is your time now.

Question the Mind: "Who are you? You have been deceiving me. I have seen this thief through eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch. Now I have seen who this troublemaker was. Now I am not going to listen to you. I will do it myself." Break off relations with the mind itself then you are left alone. You mind has been troubling you. Your priests have been troubling you., Your church and your society have been troubling you. Your country has been troubling you. Mind you enough! Stay by yourself and find out now. Look around. For some time, don't touch anybody or anything that you have known, seen or heard or touched.

Most of the religions are cheating you. Most of the religions are cheating poor people. '"Do this and I will send you to heaven."

Don't listen to any of these people. Find out, where is heaven? Heaven will come down to you. Stay alone. Don't allow yourself to be touched by anybody. If you get rid of this mind, mind will leave you. Your cravings will leave, your notions will leave, your desires will leave, your ideations will leave.

Everything is going to leave. Now what will happen? If all the known is rejected, in front of you is the unknown. If you have given up the cravings and desires for the known, what is left is unknown. You have become the unknown and merge into the unknown for they are identical.

Your identity with the known has been troubling you thus far."This is me and this is mine." Perhaps from the unknown you will enter into emptiness, and from this emptiness you will see that all this projection is your playground. You will not have any hate toward anybody. This is the region of love. You will see previously known people and now you will love them. You will love the Selves and they will love you. This is the trick of life. You will enjoy this life. This planet will become heaven. ....This is the romance with your own Self.

Enjoy this great book and find out who you are.

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