Techniques for Healing "Soul Pain” in meditation.


 By Ruth Angela ©2004 (first published in 1993)

When I embarked on the practice of daily meditation in 1979, I found a world of bliss. It was a realm in which I could escape the daily frustrations and griefs, the disappointments and hardships of life. My enthusiasm was great. In just half an hour of meditation on the mantra my teacher had given me, I could be bathed in ecstatic waves of peace and harmony. I chose to meditate rather than do many activities and in a way it became an obsession. After a few months of this, I began to feel discomforting stabs and constrictions in various places within my body while meditating. I was dismayed to find that along with meditative bliss and daily insights in the truth of the universe, I would be feeling these gnawing pains that seemed to be in the body, but not of it.

As my meditation progressed, these little knife-like stabs seemed lodged in my heart area. As much as I tried, I could not move them; sometimes they remained for days. It was sometimes depressing and painful, like a cramp or a "side stitch" after running. It definitely took the thrill out of meditation and was an obstacle to my joy in meditation; I resolved to find out how to remove this pain. Thus began a series of efforts that culminated in a technique that I call "Parallel Universe" which has turned out to be a technique that not only cures the "soul pains" but cures physical pains and other negative issues as well.

As Jack Kornfield says in A Path with Heart "Our worldly education doesn't help much in meditation"(230). However, I knew intuitively that these pains were not of physical origin, but were unresolved FEELING trauma from the past rising up to consciousness to be resolved. I did not want to overpower, ignore or numb the pain because it was clearly a dis-EASE emerging out of the darkness of denial and needing to be healed. If it was something that I created in unconsciousness, whatever it was, I had to face it and accept it. If it were attachments from other entities that were draining my energy, then I wanted to be able to let that go also. Over the years, wrestling with ways to NEUTRALIZE these soul aches, I found strategies for dealing with the pains-- and some that totally eliminated them PERMANENTLY.
What to DO: Practice until you find one that works. Get into your usual meditation posture. Do your usual spiritual practice and when you are feeling peaceful and will be uninterrupted, try these techniques for salving soul pains. You may want to record this on a tape to play to yourself when you do it.

What is so interesting about this method is that it is PERMANENT and it is the ZERO point that so many people talk about nowadays. This pain is gone-- never to return.



It sounds bizarre.. but... the rules are not the same in the etheric realms as any shaman will tell you. As soon as I did this to a man who had been bothering me for 8 years, he was out of my field! What a relief. I have never looked back from that day. This is the technique that I believe helps Monks go into epidemics and not get sick

These are just some of the techniques that I have found which have helped me deal with "soul" pain as I call it. It is really the soul trying to stretch to its full capacity in a way and finding itself constricted I think. I hope these are useful and helpful. You are welcome to use the ideas, forward the letters to others, and pass them along to others with attribution for the ideas to either me or the mentioned authors.
The best thing by far is using EFT ( to resolve issues that come up in the body. The manual is free. It works so well to clear out the subconscious. Write me for more information

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