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The Feminine Power of God
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(This beautiful picture was painted by Cary Lathan (see Links.html) as a gift to me
on hearing about my Kundalini experiences.) (Copyright Ruth Trimble 2011)
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Your Kundalini Coach
For those having difficult symptoms of a Kundalini Awakeningor related symptoms.

This site is for people who need some help with Kundalini awakening and find themselves out of their depth in clicking noises in their heads, twitches in their arms and legs, insomnia with nights watching endless fascinating replays of their past lives, seeing flashes, lights or other beings floating around, hearing drums and thunder booming through their heads that only they can hear, and on it goes. See this YouTube video of some of the symptoms that might affect people who have awakened the sleeping giant of Kundalini.
These could be some of the symptoms of the awakened Kundalini, but there is an endless list of possible symptoms. They can be like a bolt of lightning rushing through the subtle nadis (nerve channels) of the body and causing havoc with ones' comfortable daily show of being normal and sane. The body that functioned on 100 watts, is now dealing with a 1000 watts. One might have spontaneous yogic postures as this man standing on his head (see video). I did fish pose without ever knowing its name for years after my awakening. I do not know how my body knew to do this posture, but it always left my neck clear and lighter. Some people hop about with their legs in lotus posture. Some see visions and scenes from past lives. How does this occur?
In the West, we do not hear about this experience in our daily life. Yet it has been part of human experience for thousands of years and is well understood in cultures that have kept a spiritual tradition from the past. As strange as it may seem to us Westerners, in these ancient traditions, it is a "normal" stage of evolution of the human nervous system much like puberty or menopause; we do not hear much about it because it is not part of our cultural traditions, but today, the number of these awakenings is increasing during this period of history. Thus it is time to bring this information to more and more people in the West.

Why is it so dramatic and upsetting? We carry in our tissues memories of our past lives: battles we have fought, demons who have infected us, angers we have inflicted on others. All these energies have created a negative trace within the subtle central nervous memory carried over from lifetime to lifetime within us. The Kundalini starts to clean that out.
It is like a "Roto Rooter" of your past dramas and traumas which are buried in latent memories in the subconscious and which still affect your daily life now if they are unresolved. Today with the nano particles of science and tiny photo chips in our cell-phones, we understand how so much information can be carried in our biological tissues.
Kundalini is the light of God, the light of the truth that has awakened in you. Its light is averse to the negative memories it finds, so it just pushes them out like rushing water through a clog in the drain. This is painful sometimes; it is frightening also, but, in the long term, it is truly wonderful for you, since you lose this bothersome memory for good. You clean out that memory trace forever. It is gone. You are FREE. Your heart and being can feel closer to God because you are not burdened with this. The serious symptoms come when you intentionally block this release with beliefs, fears and thoughts. Kundalini also brings up the blissful times of your past, bringing days of ecstacy. It all comes up to be purified.

How did this happen to you? Maybe you meditated too much, or did dramatic yoga postures, perhaps a highly spiritual person activated it, or it could be damage through childbirth. Maybe you joined a Kundalini Yoga or meditation class without having any idea what you were involved in. And maybe your teacher has no clue what he/she has unleashed within you and cannot help you through it. I was fortunate to have been awakened by a very high teacher in 1979. He guided the ascent of the Kundalini and, through the practices he gave me, I was able to stabilize it within a year. Everyone needs such a guide on this journey.
However, I know many people who have not been so lucky. They were not ripe for this, so their awakening has misfired. Their nerves are fried by awakening too soon. For once the lid is off Pandora's box, once the snake begins its ascent in the subtle nervous system, it is very difficult to know how to control the Kundalini symptoms, and unfortunately your psychiatrist or therapist will not know how to help. They are trained to see pathology and administer a drug, but Kundalini awakening is not pathological any more than puberty. It is a time of change and imbalance, but not illness. When you have a fever that comes with a cold or flu, the fever heat kills the bacteria or virus and restores you to health. The Kundalini is like a fever of the nervous system burning off the negativity that has been living inside you for too long. When the "fever" goes, you recover and you are emotionally, psychologically and neurologically healthier than you were before.
However it came about, and even if this describes your unsettling experiences, then you are still going through a remarkable event in your life and past lifetimes. This is a great celebration! We are approaching a time (the end of the 16.4 billion year cycle of consciousness evolution in our universe - per Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D. The Mayan Calendarp.90) when the duality of "thee and me" will cease. Thus getting your Kundalini up and active is one giant step of preparing for this milestone of human evolution.
And you thought you were going mad! You were mad when all that nonsense lodged inside your subconscious was controlling your life, but the good news is here!
You are being given the opportunity of going SANE.

When your Kundalini awakens, your subconscious gets cleaned out. Your self-hatred will disappear and you will learn to know that you are one miniature drop of the divine--the stuff of stars. See this video from Swami Chetananda about Kundalini
Dear One: You have received the philosopher's alchemical stone, the holy grail, the fountain of youth, the secret of divine immortality. Not bad for a few uncomfortable symptoms! However, while they last they can seem to be a curse! Just remember this, all that you suffer through while living you do not have to suffer through while dying. All this craziness is cleansing your chakras and nadis to prepare you for the influx of this full Kundalini light... the divine light of God. Get the work done now. Bear it! If you think you cannot bear it, ask the Goddess Kundalini - who is your very SELF, to please tone it down. She hears. She is YOU. She will respond. Go to a transpersonal therapist who has some knowledge of Kundalini and spiritual emergency. Find out how to do Emotional Freedom Technique to deal with emotions and physical symptoms which will surely come. The answers are available now world wide thanks to the Internet.

My name is Ruth Angela and I went through this experience of Kundalini Awakening thirty years ago. I had no idea then what had happened to me. But after many adventures and experiences, when everything calmed down, I discovered that I had acquired the ability to "see" Kundalini inside people who were not even near me. For years since 1996, I did healing and clearing blocks over the internet for people. I could remotely see the blocks in their Kundalini and clear it for them, just by getting their name, location and short description. I was once featured on a TV news report called "Touched by an Angel."
I have reports of success through this strange distant viewing; but I cannot help everyone who contacts me.

If you have awakened your Kundalini and you are suffering from some of the symptoms, please write and explain this. See below. If I think I can help you, it will be $50. via Paypal, (see the Lotus) and I will schedule a time to do a ceremony to Goddess Kundalini Shakti. SHE guides me in what to report to you regarding the state of your Kundalini. See below.
If I cannot help you, I will let you know by email as soon as I can and if possible suggest some other solutions. If I can help you, I will give you suggestions and advice to unblock the Kundalini or soothe the symptoms. You can take the suggestions at your own risk since I am a spiritual minister, not a doctor. I am offering this service only to those with genuine kundalini symptoms.
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Quoted from my book: " The Kundalini is all powerful, unstoppable, erotic, terrifying yet most beautiful. Her love is "tough" love, without sentimentality or mercy. She is our fierce mother Goddess. I cannot say I love Her for that implies a duality, that I am separate from Her. The Goddess IS me so closely that I do not even feel her as an entity. She is the movement of my fingers on the keys of my computer and the thought that comes into my mind. I have no need to seek her. She is ever present. She loves truth and only responds to it. She melts my ego into a vapor which can be agony, yet if I surrender to Her, She always brings me great peace and joy. She dissolves the world. She is my creativity. She is the beauty in my eyes. She is the breath that breathes me. She is the presence of the cosmic One within me. She cannot be defined in words, for She is an experience only -- one I wish every one of you."

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  • Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man Gopi Krishna
  • Sannella, Lee. M.D. The Kundalini Experience" Order at Amazon. First Western doctor to evaluate the Kundalini, study it, research it and try to help others to understand it as a legitimate phenomena. 1987.
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  • Jaxon-Bear, Eli Ed. Wake Up and Roar Vol.2: Satsang with H.W.L. Poonja Poonjaji is the inheritor of the Ramana Maharshi lineage which is now continued through Gangaji The words of TRUTH spring off the page. Does not make reference to Kundalini, but describes the "direct" experience of the truth. Beware: Do not read unless you intend to wake up.
  • Wilhelm, Richard with a foreword by C.G. Jung The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Book of Life This book is incredibly simple but really for advanced spiritual students. It has captured in Chinese metaphor, the very essence of spiritual attainment. Order here.
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